At a young age Adreian Payne fell in love with basketball! He not only fell in love with the game, but also the hard work and consistent battle to improve and become the best he could be. He enjoyed basketball and had a tremendeous amount of fun playing on the court, but there was also a consistent amount of Payne that came with playing at such a high level. There were days of struggle and days he felt like it was just eiaser to QUIT!

In those dark times that’s when champions are made and when we push through even when it’s filled with pain to achieve our dreams and to play at those higher levels that were striving for.

Adreian not only had to level up in the gym and on the court, but struggled in school as well. In college he had to put in more work then most so that he could get the grades he needed to acomplish what he was put on this earth to do. Play basketball at the highest level and professionally. Then he can help people with his basketball gifts to acheive and believe and see that they can also go through pain and still become a champion! He accomplished the goal of becoming a professional athlete playing at the highest level athletes in the world.

So now he created a brand for people to carry out this championship mentality! We all go through struggles,pain and diffucult times, but during these times thats when character is formed and true champions arise and push through to become all that they can be. Payne Killer Gear is quality fashion infused athletic gear to be a constant reminder that on the other side of the PAYNE there is a complete champion waiting to emerge. Adreian Payne believes in all of you. Thank you for your support CEO/Founder of Payne Killer Gear Adreian Payne